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The 5 Steps to Self Leadership Mastery Course

You can take the course on any device at your own pace. Each module is designed to help you meet their learning needs, whether you like to read, listen or watch a video. By completing this course, you  will be better prepared to meet your leadership  potential – at university, in the workplace and in your personal life.

The Successful Graduate Course

This Course will provide you with a step-by-step guide to help you have the confidence and skills to enter the job market. The Course has been designed to teach you how to navigate the job application lifecycle. You will know more about who you are, what your strengths are, and how to pursue personal development throughout your career.

Employers are looking for graduates who know their personality types, can answer questions about their soft skills, who can fit into an existing team, who can demonstrate that they are confident and resilient, and who can demonstrate high levels of emotional intelligence. We will help you to create a professional resume, a professional LinkedIn profile, master our tested interview techniques, identify your own innate employability skills and core values, prepare for your first day on the job and much more.

The Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Course

The Critical Thinking and Problem – Solving Course is a one module micro course that is part of our soft skills development range. You can take the 8 unit course on any device at your own pace. Each module is designed to support both domestic and international students through the process of developing the soft skills of critical thinking and problem solving. 

The Finding Part-Time Work Course

Are you currently studying and unable to commit to full-time work? This course has been prepared to teach you how to find part-time or casual work while studying.

Start building your career and employability by securing work while studying.